Killer Pear: Pear Ale, 5% ABV, 0 IBU, 8 SRM - The Pear is naturally Gluten Free. It is light and sweet, and has a taste of ripe pear that finishes tart, not bitter. The Killer pear is popular with wine lovers.

Mixed Berry Cider: Cider, 5.0% This cider is sweet & delicious. It tastes of juicy raspberries and finishes with blueberries and black currants. Also popular with wine drinkers.

Peanut Butter Porter: 5.0% ABV - This yummy porter is smooth, creamy and full of peanut butter flavor.

Jalapeno Pale Ale: 5.5% ABV - Just like eating a fresh pepper!

Smoked Irish Red Ale: 6.0% ABV - This is an easy drinking ale with soft malt flavor and a touch of smokiness for a great combination.

Pantywaist: 4.5% Our light beer that's full of flavor.

Lichtenhainer: 5.0% ABV – This is a smoked sour. It's a refreshingly tart & smoky German style wheat ale.

Dill or No Dill: 5.5% This isn't your typical pickle beer. The dill aroma & taste comes from the hops so it's subtle. For those that want a stronger pickle taste, this can be served with a pickle or shot of pickle juice. As in the name, dill or no dill!

Draft Lemonade Mixer: 4.25% ABV - This is a refreshing alcoholic lemonade that goes down easy. It is sweet and packs some punch.

Guest taps rotate frequently

Coming Soon: Strawberry Cider, Belgian Tripel & More

ABV – Alcohol by volume

IBU – International Bitterness Unit – A higher number means more bitterness

SRM – Standard Reference Method – A higher number is darker in color