Killer Pear: Pear Ale, 5% ABV, 0 IBU, 8 SRM - The Pear is naturally Gluten Free. It is light and sweet, and has a taste of ripe pear that finishes tart, not bitter. The Killer pear is popular with wine lovers.

Peach'o: Peach Wheat, 5.5% ABV - This is a peach infused wheat beer that's not too sweet.

Smoked Chipotle Stout: Stout, 6.5% ABV - This spicy stout has a rich, smoky flavor with just the right amount of heat. This was a collaboration brew.

Möwin' Bräu: German Pilsner, 5% ABV, 19 IBU, 3 SRM - The Möwin' Bräu (lawnmower beer) is mashed at a lower temperature lending it a dry flavor, finishing with just the right amount of floral hops. This is a refreshing beer, good for winding down after a long day.

Cherry Sour: Sour Ale, 4.6% ABV - The cherry sour ale is a medium body tart ale that's bursting with cherry flavor. This is a great summertime ale. This is a small batch release.

Honey Porter: Stout/Porter, 5.25% ABV, 32 IBU, 45 SRM - This Porter is black in color and has a sweet, toasty, caramel malt flavor. The blend of Munich malts are mellowed out by the honey and subtle finishing hops. Made with local Leedle Houme Honey.

Blonded by Science: Irish Blonde Ale, 5.7% ABV, 38 IBU, 7 SRM - The Blonde is a full body Irish Style Ale with creamy texture, flavors of toast and cereal, and balances well with the fruity, herbal hops

Red Berry Seltzer: Seltzer, 4.25& ABV - Our own house made seltzer that is bursting with raspberry & strawberry flavors with a dry finish. This is light & refreshing summer drink for all of our seltzer lovers!

Draft Lemonade Mixer: 4.25% ABV - This is a refreshing alcoholic lemonade that goes down easy. It is sweet and packs some punch.

Guest taps rotate frequently

Coming Soon: Backyard Hop, Kolsch & more...

ABV – Alcohol by volume

IBU – International Bitterness Unit – A higher number means more bitterness

SRM – Standard Reference Method – A higher number is darker in color