Red Wasp: Irish Red Ale, 4.75% ABV, 25 IBU, 10 SRM - The Red is smooth with a medium body. It has a complex, sweet, malty flavor and aroma. The sweet grain masks the 25 IBU's so it doesn't finish too bitter.

Killer Pear: Pear Ale, 5% ABV, 0 IBU, 8 SRM - The Pear is naturally Gluten Free. It is light and sweet, and has a taste of ripe pear that finishes tart, not bitter. The Killer pear is popular with wine lovers.

Blonded by Science: Irish Blonde Ale, 5.7% ABV, 38 IBU, 7 SRM - The Blonde is a full body Irish Style Ale with creamy texture, flavors of toast and cereal, and balances well with the fruity, herbal hops.

Kölsch: German/Czech, 4.6% ABV, 20 IBU, 3 SRM - The Kölsch is a crisp, smooth beer with traditional German hops, and a slightly skunky finish. Think green bottle beer

Cream Ale: Ale, 4.8% ABV, 25 IBU, 2.5 SRM - This is our beer school edition brew. It's a light, easy-drinking beer with a faint malt note. This is a small batch, limited release brew.

Yippee-Ki-Ale: English Brown Ale, 5% ABV, 16 IBU, 23 SRM - This beer is mild and friendly. Even though it is dark in color it is mild enough for light beer drinkers but still has some complexity. The malt blend has characteristics of hazel nut, caramel, chocolate, and biscuit. It finishes with an herbal and woodsy hop bitterness. 

Peach Blonde: Irish Blonde Ale, 5.7% ABV, 38 IBU, 7 SRM - The Peach Blonde is a peached-up version of our Irish Blonde. The sweet peach flavor blends well with the malt profile.

Pumpkin Spice, 4.75% ABV, 10 SRM. This fall favorite is full of flavor. Add a little spice to life!

Draft Lemonade Mixer: 4.25% ABV - This is a refreshing alcoholic lemonade that goes down easy. It is sweet and packs some punch.

Guest taps rotate frequently

Adult slushies available, too!

Coming Soon: Cranberry Apple Cider & More...

ABV – Alcohol by volume

IBU – International Bitterness Unit – A higher number means more bitterness

SRM – Standard Reference Method – A higher number is darker in color